I never liked that.


Which would you prefer, coffee or tea?

This place looks just the same as it used to.

I thought that only I had thought of that.


My father listens to classical music.

I live pretty close to Valeria.

Kikki sipped his wine slowly.


Rudolf climbed into bed and turned off the light.

Edmond and Lewis drank beer together.

She brought hers.


Those people ruin their government, but they don't know how to build it again.

Straka knows he can count on Helen.

My mother was so tired that she went to bed early.


You're not going to do it, I hope.

It was evident that everyone was upset when Atletico Madrid suffered defeat.

Annie is a poor student.

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Nhan fired once.

That is madly expensive.

She doesn't talk much, but once she does speak she is eloquent.

The dry season there will set in soon.

I wish I had more money.

Can I have the menu again, please?

Our nation loves all kinds of shit.

I suspected nothing.

Which fruit is green?

Let's hear your opinion.

They made fun of her because she had a funny hat on.

Please step back from the edge of the platform.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I would never agree to your plan.

Jason fought his way through the flames and rescued the child from the burning house.

Whether you like it or not, you will really die someday.

While working, he had an accident.

It hurts to see Honzo suffer so.

Ed appears agitated.

My friend wants to dye her hair pink.


A burnt child dreads the fire.

Don't make fun of her. She just chugged three bottles of beer.

This base is now under our control.

We've decided not to fire you.

Let's throw a party for them.

His shoes are wearing thin.

I forgot to tell you where the party is.

Steen can speak French better than me.

I just kissed Bradford.

Lewis found nothing.

Do you eat meat every day?

Does she work hard?

Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end.

I'll meet her there.

Women seem to like him for some reason.

I have absolutely nothing to do.

I found it impossible to do the work in one day.

Everybody laughed at her.

I saw Michael and Jeany carrying their fishing poles and tackle boxes.

It's easy for him to make friends.

This stuff is amazing.


Who do you think you're fooling?

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Jean said I should come home soon.

I'm a farmer.

I did everything in my power to protect her from you.

What's the best way to say this in French?

An interesting question remained unanswered.

This is a picture of the happy couple on their wedding day.

You must pay attention to what your teacher says.

Subra died of hypothermia.

A little pain never hurt anyone.

This is not a job for an amateur.

We were rowing against the current.

I have seen Mt. Fuji.

It was a frightening experience.


He succeeded in applying steam to navigation.

Nanda and I have worked so hard.

Are you two back together?


Are you sure you don't want to get your own lawyer?

"Do you really like me?" "Yes." "Won't you tell me why you like me recently?"

I trust we're all alone.

You are not fond of pets, are you?

It took three hours to put the broken toy together.

Pieter is a good man through and through.

It seems that she was ill.

He is considered missing.

He has been wandering over Europe for months.

I met Jaime in Boston.

"How are you?" "I am fine, thank you."

Quality over quantity.

Can she cycle?


Roxanne can't seem to understand what Damon is trying to say.


He is on leave.

They're all hungry.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate my engagement to my best friend.


You must be here by five.


Are you saying that because you're afraid?

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I think that there is a man there.

Earle took some papers out of his briefcase and showed them to Joanne.

Heidi was thinking of going to New York.


I sent Juha my picture.

The victim was stabbed repeatedly by the killer.

Stanly never came out of his coma.

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We all got along.

What has become of his son?

We really need you.


Gerard sure is lucky.

I know that he's Manavendra.

I already begun.


It was published in 1969.

Where are the lions and tigers?

Why are thoughts so hard to describe.

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His airplane crashed in the mountains.

You speak first; I will speak after.

He was hanged for murder.

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We won't need any help until Monday.

We have to do that as soon as we can.

I wonder if Starbuck would really do something like that.

There are so many fine scratches and dents on its surface, it's no use polishing it.

The fighter toughened up for the bout.

I was assaulted.

If we had lives we'd spend less time on Tatoeba.

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This book is too difficult for me.

How do I explain that to Vincent?

Kayvan is reading a newspaper.

I should probably be writing this down.

I just noticed something.


Is this seat empty?

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How did you like your trip to Australia?

There's room for discussion.

I see you are ready.

What's the first thing you're going to do?

Though he is young, he never wastes time.

I'll try my best to be there on time.

There's a hair in the soup.

I never play the saxophone anymore.

You're really nice.

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In what year was printing invented?


He happens to be off duty today.


Nobody asked him.

She introduced herself to them.

Pierette and Christofer ate Chinese take-out.


Grant quickly realized his error.


Jean went rollerskating with a friend.

I'll borrow us some tools.

He came out on top.

Gary wanted to say something, but he felt that it would be better if he didn't.

Why does luck hate him?


I won't go into detail if you don't want me to.


Do you know where Vadim went?


I need a good pair of sunglasses.


Suzanne didn't commit the crime they've accused him of.

She watched the gardens grow, and she watched the apples turn red and ripen.

Let's go ahead and eat.

I'll be staying here for a week.

Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, in Italy.

Ozan started playing.

I attended the party just to be sociable.

You can reach the village by bus.

Do you understand the difficulty of my job?

I've got something to give you.

Was that how it happened?

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Bryan had to walk home since his car broke down.


David doesn't know we're here.

I burnt my tongue.

Is your sister here?

Would you mail this letter for me on your way to school?

The baby tangled the ball of yarn.